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5th Global Healthy Workpalce Awards & Summit, Singapore 2017

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Reports and Handbook released at the Awards & Summit:

This publication contributes to lively discussion that has transpired across the globe on what constitutes a healthy workplace and how to craft a successful program in order to produce positive outcomes for business and employees.

The publication illustrates how a healthy workplace can be created by showcasing real life strategies and programs from employers in 15 different countries in six continents. All of the case studies are considered good practices as they have been selected from the growing pool of Global Healthy Workplace Awards winners and finalists as well as certified “Healthy Workplaces”.

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Healthy Investments - Discussion Paper on Investors' Perceptions of Workplace Wellbeing

Advancing Duty of Care and Healthy Workplaces - Handbook for NGOs


+ Download: Healthy Investments – Discussion Paper on Investors’ Perceptions of Workplace Wellbeing – FIESC SESI / Aetna International
+ Download: Advancing Duty of Care and Healthy Workplaces – Handbook for NGOs – Cigna Foundation

4th Global Summit and Inaugural Roundtable Global Alliance, Washington, DC, 2016

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Chicago Regional Summit Seminar 2015

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3rd Global Summit, Florianopolis, 2015

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2nd Global Summit, Shanghai, 2014

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