Global Healthy Workplace Certification

Global Healthy Workplace Online Certification

Global Healthy Workplace Certification

The Global Healthy Workplace Certification is granted to organisations whose programmes excel in the provision of workplace health and wellbeing.

Current certified employers are: Lendlease (Australia), Reliance Industries Ltd (India), Lincoln Industries (USA), ABFRL – Manufacturing (India), Jemena (Australia), Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd (India), Baxter International Inc. (USA), Engro Powergen Qadirpur Ltd (Pakistan), Union Pacific (USA).

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Certificates are granted for a period of two years and can be renewed. Certified employers receive:

1. A thorough analysis and global benchmarking of their workplace programmes

2. Recognition as a employer of choice when seeking to retain employees or in attracting new talent

3. Enhanced ability to demonstrate focus based on sound ethical business principles, performance and value to stakeholders (including to investors)

4. Greater visibility with GCHW worldwide promotional campaigns

5. Learning from peers with opportunities to exchange knowledge, test new methods with other certified employers and keep abreast of the latest devolvement’s being pioneered around the world

6. Automatic entry for the 2018 Global Healthy Workplace Awards. Please note you do not need to apply for certification to be entered for the Awards.

Successful entries will receive the Global Healthy Workplace Certificate along with display materials for premises and their website free of charge.

The application process is straightforward:

1. Applications are required to submit the completed audit questionnaire and provide supporting documentation.

2. Each applicant must be accompanied by a payment of $1,500 (large employer), $750 (medium sized employer with 250-500 employees) or $350 (small or micro employer with less than 250 employees). Unsuccessful entries will receive a 50% refund and feedback on deficiencies or areas to be addressed and may reapply after a period of six months.

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Payment can either be made by Paypal (below) or via bank transfer (as detailed in the application form). All prices are in US Dollars and include VAT.

Global Healthy Workplace Certification

To ensure integrity and the maintenance of quality, the certification procedures will be reviewed and reported on annually by a panel of judges.

**Applicants from Argentina, Brazil, India

The following organisations are members of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces’ Certification Consortium (Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces retains all Rights to the Programme):

Asociación Argentina de Promoción de la Salud (AAPSalud) – Argentina
Associação Brasileira de Qualidade de Vida (ABQV) – Brazil
Arogya World – India

Employers already accredited by their partnership schemes are automatically granted Certification provided the applicant has:

a) submitted a statement of interest to their national organisation;
b)  paid the required fee via the payment link above.

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Data Protection Information
Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW) takes the protection of data extremely seriously. Information provided as part of an application for either an Awards or Certification is shared only with the individuals assessing the application, namely the assessors, judges, and administrators. It is not under any circumstances circulated to third parties and would only be done so (for instance for the purposes of research) with the express permission in writing of the provider. Winners of Awards and certified applicants may be listed on the GCHW website and in newsletters, social media and press releases along with a brief high level resume of their business drawn from information already in the public domain (for instance, from the applicant’s own website) or from content provided by the applicant for this purpose.

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