International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP)





The International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP) has moved its affiliation to the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW).

The volunteer association of workplace health practitioners, experts and leaders whose American origins date back over three decades will coordinate member services with the GCHW.

From their respective backgrounds as an individual membership organisation and one which engages directly with employers, the IAWHP and GCHW envisage a range of mutual benefits under the new arrangement.

For IAWHP, increased international exposure is one such benefit. IAWHP President Phil Smeltzer, said “the alignment with the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces gives us a platform to considerably expand our international footprint amongst health professionals. We have many leaders who have shared experiences across both organizations.  There is an amazing chemistry with their team and we look forward to thriving in this new partnership”.

For GCHW, greater access to a wider pool of expertise is regarded as a significant benefit. Its co-director, Wolf Kirsten, himself a former IAWHP President, said “We are keen to have IAWHP members involved in our program of research projects and to contribute to various thought leadership initiatives. They have enormous expertise which will be of benefit to solidifying workplace health amongst employers.”

With the global COVID-19 crisis beginning to stabilise but still in focus, the two teams have been busy developing a new program of events. IAWHP leaders are excited to build upon previous global initiatives, including a highly successful Global Wellbeing Summit just this past spring, which included attendees and presenters from more than a dozen countries and across six continents. Tommy Hutchinson, GCHW co-director noted, “We partnered with the IAWHP on a capacity building workshop at our Melbourne summit in 2019 which was a great success. We will be announcing new initiatives in the coming weeks”.

October, 2021