GCHW Testimonials



Kellie Jax, Optum  

“Thank you so much for hosting an incredible summit.  I walked away feeling energized and motivated.  I was thoroughly impressed with the content (speakers), innovative concepts and the network building opportunities”  – Melbourne 2019

Alberto Ogata, IAWHP

“The Global Centre of Healthy Workplace (GCHW) offered a great opportunity for IAWHP. Our organization has been invited to co-host the “Capacity Building Seminar on How to Create a Healthy Workplace”. We have had lively discussions about the four avenues of WHO model. The Award winners (SME – Global Prairie – USA) and (Large companies – HERO MotoCorp – India) are great cases.”  – Melbourne 2019

Kirsten Green, Global Prairie

We loved the Summit! We were so inspired by each of the companies that presented. We brought back many ideas, but also feelings of pride, rejuvenation, and encouragement. We are forever grateful for the opportunity it gave us to meet and engage with business leaders from all over the worldwho are each striving to make positive changes to their workplace health, wellbeing, and culture.“ – Melbourne 2019

Simon Lim, Health Promotion Board Singapore

“It was enriching to hear from the various speakers and beneficial to learn and share our common interest in workplace health & wellbeing. I had a great time meeting and networking with the participants from different countries and I certainly look forward to further this engagement and commitment.”  – Melbourne 2019

Thea O’Connor, Australia

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you must have put in to bringing the GHWA to Australia – and it was such a slickly run show – even running early on day 1! The food, venue, and content was great…” – Melbourne 2019

Jan Winroth, University West, Sweden

It was really an inspiring event. Good content and also a good arrangement in the different meetings.– Melbourne 2019

Jane Gardner, Lendlease International

“The Global Healthy Workplace summit showcased some of the world’s best Workplace Health and Wellbeing offerings and provided insights into engaging investors and the importance of providing healthy workplace indicators to showcase good business performance.”  – Bergamo 2018

Leonardo Piovesan Mendonça, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

“The event was brilliant, with presentations of winning cases, and the lectures with people of recognition in the key themes. The presentations showed the importance of technology, as allied in the actions of population health management and in the programs of promotion, prevention and well-being.” – Bergamo 2018

Shirley Posladek, A.B. May

“There were so many professionals that are working every day to provide information and strategies for people to live long, healthy lives.  We were very impressed with the presentations and research.  The data agrees that there is much we can do to affect our own health and the workplace is a natural place to help people make healthy decisions.” – Bergamo 2018

Alberto Ogata, ABQV

“Congratulations on another summit. Each new summit is a victory. You integrated new trends (such as artificial intelligence) with WHP management in the Summit. The support from Bergamo stakeholders has been impressive.” – Bergamo 2018

Edith Clarke, FZ Safety & Health Care

“A well organized conference with insightful presentations and a lot of innovative ideas on healthy workplaces. A great avenue for sharing ideas and networking.” – Bergamo 2018

Jack Bastable, CBIZ

“Simply put, everything at the Global Healthy Workplace Summit was “Major League” . Location, hospitality, content, logistics. Thanks for efforts to impact workplaces worldwide. I will be spreading the word!” – Bergamo 2018

Greg Howe, Health, Safety and Performance Manager, Lincoln Industries

“The work you are doing at the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces has really helped shape our long term strategy of health and wellness. The people of Lincoln Industries were excited to learn of our Award! It was a pleasure to be awarded the winner of this year’s Award. “ – Singapore 2017

Patric Traut, Health Promotion Leader, Western Europe, IBM, Europe/Global

“The Global Healthy Workplace Online Certificate course provides well-balanced, high-quality content and is an excellent opportunity to freshen-up or to improve one’s knowledge on Health Promotion at the workplace.” GCHW Training & Accreditation

Anne-Lise Ducournau, Health and Safety Committee, Bayer, Basel, Switzerland

“This very complete and well-designed program cover[s] in a short period of time all relevant aspects related to setting up Global Healthy Workplaces. I would definitely recommend it to any person/organization willing to take the next steps in improving employee health and well-being at work.”  GCHW Training & Accreditation

Rodrigo Demarch, Corporate Health, Well-being and Safety Manager, Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, São Paulo, Brazil

“The course is excellent! Provided me a comprehensive understanding of the Healthy Workplace Framework and the interaction with classmates and instructors gave me fantastic insights. I’d highly recommend it.” GCHW Training & Accreditation

Dr. Geeta Bharadwaj, Arogya World

It was an extremely rewarding experience to participate in these global awards and it was inspiring to see how organizations big and small around the world are doing so much to improve the health of their employees.Washington, DC 2016

Ron Joines, GSK

Thanks for a great 2 days. I thought that the caliber of the programmes at all levels were of a really high standard. You have built excellent momentum. Congratulations.Washington, DC 2016

Alberto Ogata, ABQV

“I would like to share with you my feeling it was a great experience to live with you in these days, discussing programs and trying to analyze each one in depth. No doubt, it was a
-level group (perhaps the best of the three editions)”.Florianopolis 2015

Nico Pronk, HealthPartners

This GHWAwards Summit found a wonderful partner in SESI and you really created one of the best conferences I have been at for a long time”.Florianopolis 2015

Dave Guilmette, President, Cigna Global Employer Segment

“The workplace health conversation is being heard around the world, from London to Brazil and China. Communities and workplaces in every corner of the globe are faced with increased health risks and rising health care costs. Cigna is once again supporting the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit convening employers and other experts to share the programs that are most effective in improving health and well-being and in making workplaces more productive and competitive.” – Shanghai 2014

Bernardo Curiel, Director, Medico de Latino America, DuPont

“I was very honored to participate as a speaker in the 1st Latin American Healthy Workplace Summit. It was a real surprise for me to learn about the well-organized event, topics and level of speakers. It was also an “eye opener” understanding the level that many countries have in our region with respect of different ways to promote health in the workplace. Forum like these, will bring many developing opportunities for those leading the health programs in different companies to learn and share experiences that will allow every single company to create and develop a health program, tailor to their different sizes and resources. Regardless of the country, we all are dealing with the same challenges and health problems that have impact in the workplace. Creating synergy and collaboration among all of us, sharing our best practices to have a better work environment helping employees to have healthier lives will create a positive impact in the productivity of the companies.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Tommy Hutchinson, CEO & Founder, i-genius

“A superb first for Latin America. The Summit illustrated the diversity of approaches to improving workplace health and wellness. Many parts of the world can learn from these.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Wolf Kirsten, President, IHC

“The first regional seminar aligned with the Global Healthy Workplace Awards was very successful. I wouldn’t expect anything less having it in Brazil and with the support of ABQV, a regional leader in workplace health promotion, as well as the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP). We will continue to bring together leaders in workplace health promotion from various sectors for enhanced sharing and learning.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Alberto Ogata, President, ABQV

“Since the Summit in London, at the first event of the Global Healthy Workplace Award, we were impressed with the ability of organizations like International Consulting and i-genius to mobilize individuals, organizations and leaders toward an international movement to build a model of worksite health promotion sustainable for different countries and companies. In Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Quality of Life (ABQV) was pleased to join this movement and co-promote the first Latin American event. It was a great challenge with many difficulties, but the Summit joined people from across the continent, with three official languages ​​(Portuguese, Spanish and English) and great synergy and local cases integrated and aligned with organizational strategies and national policies. We hope that this movement will spread through the different continents with the strong energy of these organizations.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Catherine M. Baase MD, The Dow Chemical Company, Global Director

This event was unique in its global diversity of both speakers and participants. It was valuable for the strength of its content, the professionalism of event management and the level of innovation captured and disseminated. Many thoughtful and challenging perspectives were shared and there was plenty of time for dialogue and networking. Thank you for this superb event. – London 2013

Chris McSwain, Walmart, U.S. Benefits

Your team did a terrific job developing the program as each component of the agenda supported the next. Audience was strongly engaged and attendance remained high throughout the Summit. – London 2013

Linda Roberts, Abbott, Director, Business Development

It was the best conference I have ever been to. – London 2013