Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces

The Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces was launched at the 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit in Washington DC. Its Roundtables’ bring together organizations such as the World Health Organisation, the OECD, World Bank, ILO, FIESC:SESI, Health Promotion Board (Singapore), ENWHP, American University and corporate members (including Unilever, Optum, Chevron, Lendlease, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona) to explore common ground and promote a joint global platform aimed at giving workplace health a stronger voice.

These invitation-only events commenced with a consultation roundtable to craft a global strategic plan for the creation of healthy workplaces and promotion of worker health in Washington DC at the World Bank. In 2020 the global alliance hosted a Coronavirus COVID-19 Workplace Health Webinar Series.

Corporate Membership – is for employers who excel in promoting wellbeing and sharing best practice. Membership is a two year commitment (renewable) and includes a package of benefits including participation in Roundtable gatherings, global summit tickets, access to research information and consultation on future initiatives. If you would like information on becoming a corporate member, please contact:

Roundtable reports are only available to Global Alliance members

Northampton, 2023 – 11th Roundtable, August 2023

London, Arizona, Virtual 2023 – 10th Roundtable, May 2023

London, Arizona, Virtual 2022 – 9th Roundtable, November 2022

London, Arizona, Virtual 2022 – 8th Roundtable, May 2022

London, Hamburg, Virtual 2021 – 7th Roundtable, November 2021

London, Arizona, Virtual 2021 – 6th Roundtable, May 2021

Washington DC, Virtual 2020 – 5th Roundtable, November 2020

Melbourne 2019 – 4th Roundtable, October 2019

Bergamo 2018 – 3rd Roundtable, September 2018

Singapore 2017 – 2nd Roundtable, September 2017

Washington DC 2016 – 1st Roundtable, June 2016