Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces

The Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces was established by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and FIESC SESI. The formation of the Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces was launched at the 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit in Washington DC. the following year. The Global Alliance roundtables bring together key organizations in the field to exchange views, explore common ground and plan for a joint global platform giving workplace health a stronger voice.

These invitation-only events commenced with a consultation roundtable to craft a global strategic plan for the creation of healthy workplaces and promotion of worker health in Washington DC at the World Bank.

Bergamo 2018 – 3rd Roundtable Report Version 1 | Version 2

Singapore 2017 – 2nd Roundtable Report

Washington DC 2016 – Roundtable Presentations | Roundtable Summary Report