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Mental wellbeing programs and guidelines: Where is the evidence?

Employers are trying to make sense of the current barrage of published mental health guidelines and programs on the market, but often the evidence is lacking. Krystal Sexton, Americas Regional Lead, Human Performance and Care at Shell Oil, and David Ballard, Senior Fellow & Scientific Advisor for Workforce Mental Health at the Health Enhancement Research Organisation (HERO), will help lead us through this maze and discuss the existing evidence. Shell’s strategy of how to utilize global data to inform mental wellbeing programming will be presented.

This webinar is the third of the 2022-23 webinar series on corporate best practices in mental wellbeing hosted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and Optum.

Date: March 8 at 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT


Speakers Webinar Mar 23


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Making Mental Health & Well-Being a Global Priority

Celebrating World Mental Health Day on October 12 at 11am EDT: Making Mental Health & Well-Being a Global Priority.

Learn how Canadian multinational enterprise CGI have made the mental health of their employees a priority on a global scale. This webinar is the first of a four-part webinar series on corporate best practices in mental wellbeing hosted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and Optum.

1. Welcome & Intro
2. CGI presentation
3. Q&A / discussion

Date: Wednesday 12th October 2022
Time: 4pm BST (London) / 11am EDT (New York)

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Creating Healthy Workplaces in Africa

Webinar hosted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces on creating healthy workplaces in Africa. For African professionals in the field of workplace health and related areas, featuring Global Healthy Workplace Awards Finalist: African Population & Health Research Centre (APHRC).

1. Welcome and introduction to the Healthy Workplace framework

2. Case study: 2020 Global Healthy Workplace Awards Finalist, APHRC

3. Q&A and discussion

4. Introduction to IAWHP

5. Q&A

Date: October 27th 2021

Time: 5pm Central Africa Time (CAT) | 4pm British Summer Time (BST) | 3pm GMT


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Mental Wellbeing Across the Globe: How do employers in Europe, Middle East and Asia address this challenge?

Webinar co-hosted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces and Optum

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to new challenges in mental wellbeing including a blurring in work-life balance and increasing rates of burnout and depression. This webinar will highlight the differing sensitivities and approaches to mental health in Europe, Middle East, and South Asia and highlight best practice programs from Novo Nordisk (Denmark) and Reliance Industries (India).

Date: June 15th 2021

Time: 9am New York | 2pm London | 3pm Copenhagen | 5pm Dubai | 6:30pm Mumbai



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Enhancing Physical and Psychosocial Wellbeing in the New Working World

Global Awards winner GSK and runner-up HSBC shared how they have addressed the major challenges to employee wellbeing during the pandemic.

April 29 at 4pm BST (London) / 11am EDT (New York)

Roundtable style with the following agenda (60 minutes total):

1. Welcome & overview of the WHO model – 5 mins

2. Brief company / programme introductions – 5 mins

3. Facilitated discussion – 35 mins

4. Q&A with the audience – 15 mins


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