Case Studies & Presentations

6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit, Bergamo 2018

Summit Report

Finalist Presentations | A.B. May, Flight Centre Travel Group, HAOC, Lendlease, NEA Singapore, VitaS

Keynote Presentations | WHO, Health Promotion Board, ATS Bergamo, FZ SHC, ENWHP, Institute of Employment Studies

Healthy Investments Program Update

5th Global Healthy Workpalce Awards & Summit, Singapore 2017

Summit Summary Report

Finalist Presentations | ABFRL Madura, Chevron, Jemena, Lendlease, LGAQ, Lincoln Industries

Keynote Presentations | Action Against Hunger, BRAC, GSK, Health Promotion Board Singapore

+ Healthy Workplaces – A Selection of Global Good Practices: For a copy of this publication contact:

+ Download: Healthy Investments – Discussion Paper on Investors’ Perceptions of Workplace Wellbeing – FIESC SESI / Aetna International
+ Download: Advancing Duty of Care and Healthy Workplaces – Handbook for NGOs – Cigna Foundation

4th Global Summit and Inaugural Roundtable Global Alliance, Washington, DC, 2016

Summit Summary Report | Working Well Survey

Finalist Presentations | HAOC, Johnson & Johnson, Monash University, NPAIHB, Unilever, UTAS, Vitality

Keynote Presentations | Vitality, Eurofound, Gallup, Buck Xerox

Chicago Regional Summit Seminar 2015

Panelist Presentations | The Work Foundation, Xerox, GSK, Gallup

3rd Global Summit, Florianopolis, 2015

Summit Summary Report | Technical Report | Infographic

Finalist Presentations | Chevron, GSK, Lans & Spar Bank, Naya Jeevan, Unilever, Vanderbilt University

Panelist Presentations | Gallup, Xerox, Stanford University, HealthPartners, SESI, HealthNEXT, OECD, Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management