São Paulo Summit 2013

1st Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces

The first ever Latin American Summit on Healthy Workplaces took place in São Paulo on September 29, 2013. The Summit was the first regional event aligned with the Global Healthy Workplace Awards, which took place in London in April 2013. It highlighted award winners and finalists as well as other better practices from the region.

Lead Sponsor

The Global Healthy Workplace Regional Summit São Paulo 2013 was sponsored by the Integrated Health, a Pfizer Solution.



Bernardo Curiel, Director, Medico de Latino America, DuPont

“I was very honored to participate as a speaker in the 1st Latin American Healthy Workplace Summit. It was a real surprise for me to learn about the well-organized event, topics and level of speakers. It was also an “eye opener” understanding the level that many countries have in our region with respect of different ways to promote health in the workplace. Forum like these, will bring many developing opportunities for those leading the health programs in different companies to learn and share experiences that will allow every single company to create and develop a health program, tailor to their different sizes and resources. Regardless of the country, we all are dealing with the same challenges and health problems that have impact in the workplace. Creating synergy and collaboration among all of us, sharing our best practices to have a better work environment helping employees to have healthier lives will create a positive impact in the productivity of the companies.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Tommy Hutchinson, CEO & Founder, i-genius

“A superb first for Latin America. The Summit illustrated the diversity of approaches to improving workplace health and wellness. Many parts of the world can learn from these.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Wolf Kirsten, President, IHC

“The first regional seminar aligned with the Global Healthy Workplace Awards was very successful. I wouldn’t expect anything less having it in Brazil and with the support of ABQV, a regional leader in workplace health promotion, as well as the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion (IAWHP). We will continue to bring together leaders in workplace health promotion from various sectors for enhanced sharing and learning.” – Sao Paulo 2013

Alberto Ogata, President, ABQV

“Since the Summit in London, at the first event of the Global Healthy Workplace Award, we were impressed with the ability of organizations like GKEN, International Consulting and i-genius to mobilize individuals, organizations and leaders toward an international movement to build a model of worksite health promotion sustainable for different countries and companies. In Brazil, the Brazilian Association of Quality of Life (ABQV) was pleased to join this movement and co-promote the first Latin American event. It was a great challenge with many difficulties, but the Summit joined people from across the continent, with three official languages ​​(Portuguese, Spanish and English) and great synergy and local cases integrated and aligned with organizational strategies and national policies. We hope that this movement will spread through the different continents with the strong energy of these organizations.” – Sao Paulo 2013