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Copel Foundation – SME Employer – Awards Winner 2023

Awards Winner, 2023 Copel Foundation, Brazil Created in 1971, the COPEL Foundation for Social Security and Social Assistance is a non-profit entity with 200 employees. Due to the company’s business, prioritizing people’s quality of life is already in the DNA, so much so that the mission is “Live longer and live better”. In this way […]

Wolfpack Digital – SME Employer – Awards Finalist 2023

Awards Finalist, 2023 Wolfpack Digital, Romania Wolfpack Digital is a mobile and web development services provider. The healthy workplace program consists of multiple initiatives set in place in order for employees to conduct their work in a healthy and safe space. A flexible working schedule is offered and everyone is free to adjust their start […]

Tradedoubler – SME Employer – Awards Finalist 2022

Awards Finalist, 2022 Tradedoubler, Poland The Tradedoubler program is titled “Less is More” program – work-life fit program. Tradedoubler strongly believes that the most important benefit for employees is time. The program was introduced a year before the pandemic, the first in Eastern Europe to implement: a 6-hour working day full opportunity for remote working […]

APHRC – SME Employer – Awards Winner 2022

Awards Winner, 2022 APHRC, Kenya APHRC’s Healthy Workplace program is embedded in every aspect of the APHRC way of life as demonstrated by the policies, systems, structures, initiatives and programs that have been put in place over the years. Wellness is a core element of the organizational culture, which places emphasis on work-life balance and attention to physical and mental […]

Avail – SME Employer – Awards Winner

Awards Winner, 2021 Avail Car Sharing, USA Avail is a car sharing company with 200 employees based in San Francisco, California. Avail’s recently established wellness program has an allocated budget and focuses on enhancing emotional, physical, financial, and professional wellness. The Social Impact Lead runs both the Wellness Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Senior […]