Avail – SME Employer – Awards Winner

  • Avail Car Sharing

Awards Winner, 2021

Avail Car Sharing, USA

Avail is a car sharing company with 200 employees based in San Francisco, California. Avail’s recently established wellness program has an allocated budget and focuses on enhancing emotional, physical, financial, and professional wellness. The Social Impact Lead runs both the Wellness Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Senior leadership is represented on the Wellness Committee, which meets every other week, and informal ambassadors advocate for wellness within their teams. Employees are required to spend at least 5 hours per quarter on wellness and education for performance management. As most of the employees work from home ergonomic home office materials can be ordered, managers are coached on prioritization and recognizing signs of burn out while employees are coached on boundaries and communication. In spite of the current difficult time employees feel supported and satisfaction stands around 85%.