2021 9th Global Healthy Workplace Awards Winners Announced

9th Awards Winners Slider

The world’s best workplace health employers and programmes. Good Health is Good Business.

Congratulations to the 9th Global Healthy Workplace Awards winners for showing outstanding achievement in promoting a safe and healthy work environment complementary to the business performance of the organisation. Awards winners will now be featured as part of a twelve month global healthy workplace promotional program which involves high profile networking opportunities.

During the two day summit we witnessed the very best workplace health programmes from around the world and welcomed over 150 participants from 31 countries alongside organisations like the World Bank, OECD and ILO, not to mention the diverse representation from our Awards Finalists – Australia, Brazil, India, UK and USA.

The 2021 Awards Winners are:

Learn more about our runner-up Awards Finalists: P&G (Brazil), Reliance Industries (India), and Easternwell (Australia). View previous Awards winners, finalists and certified employers here.

The winning programmes illustrate and highlight the importance of integrated approaches to workplace health which includes occupational health, psychosocial risk management, wellness and the role of enterprises in communities can lead to enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale and motivation, as well as return on investment.

The Summit also saw the 7th Global Alliance for Healthy Workplaces roundtable take place. Under the mantra of ‘Good Health is Good Business’ the gathering of business leaders, health experts and investors discussed the growing importance between strong health and wellness of employees and productivity.

With the COVID cloud stubbornly in place and uncertainty high, made more difficult by differing responses amongst policy makers, the 9th Global Healthy Workplaces Summit sought to build a new consensus on what employers need to do to wrestle effectively with the pandemic crises whilst keeping the wheels of sustainable activity flowing. 

To view Awards presentations, key note presentations and summit summary report click here.


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