GCHW partners with Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil on Mental Health Training

GCHW Einstein Course

GCHW has joined forces with the prestigious Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, to offer a 3-month online course titled “Mental Health & Wellbeing in Organizations – Advanced Studies”. The course covers the following topics:

  • Health Management Practices and Productivity Indicators
  • Change Management: Behaviors and Organizational Culture
  • Integrated Health Risk Management
  • Holistic Wellbeing and Mental Health Programming

GCHW co-directors, Tommy Hutchinson and Wolf Kirsten, are part of the faculty with numerous other experts from Brazil. A special feature of the course is the presentation and discussion of global best practice case studies.

View course: Click here!

View PDF information: Click here!

Email: atualizacaoemgestao@einstein.br

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