Copel Foundation, SME Employer Healthy Workplace Awards Winner, Carlos Machado

carlos machado, copel foundation

Interview with Carlos Machado, Executive Manager of Business Management, Copel Foundation, Brazil

What does it mean to you to be a Global Healthy Workplace Awards winner?

Winning the GHWA was a great satisfaction. We know the actions we keep in order to take care our workforce are more than enough. However, to get the trophy in our category allowed us to prove that these actions are world class.

What do you think are the particular strengths of your program?

The connection with our healthcare plan. This allows us to outline human resources strategies connected to healthcare, which gives us the strength to adhere to the programs.

Where do you see the main challenges of creating a healthy workplace?

Maintaining programs with strong support from people. Previously, it was common for practices to begin and then lose strength. Today, with the connection between human resources and health insurance, this no longer happens.

What advice would you give to an organization thinking of developing or advancing a healthy and wellbeing strategy?

Listen to employees demands. Act in order to solve – at least – the majority of that list. Those things difficult to execute, make a plan and answer each one, periodically.

What did you take away from the 2023 Global Healthy Workplace Summit?

Mainly, the networking! It was amazing to know different strategies with experts worldwide.


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