Godrej Industries – Large Employer – Awards Finalist 2022

  • Godrej

Awards Finalist, 2022

Godrej Industries, India

Godrej Industries Limited is a people first company. Leadership, workers, and managers collaborate to use continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of all workers and the sustainability of the workplace and environment.

A safe work equipment and environment is provided with the use of technology and training to decrease accidents, incidents and identify near misses. A comprehensive mental awareness program is offered to maintain work life balance.

Leadership reaches out to the staff through app-based small group meetings , physical visits every quarter, virtual cafés, and recurrent mailers. Employees can enjoy a healthy multi cuisine in subsidized cafeterias as well as gymnasiums, rest and relaxation rooms, silent rooms, and wellness sessions. Well equipped, state-of-the-art health center with primary treatment facilities.

Onsite Covid -19 vaccination and health checkups are provided. Unique features of the program include India’s first online platelet donor community , hygiene program with the Indian Railways, trust based and unlimited sick leave, care giver policy and medical benefits policy including parents in laws , in house developed health risk assessment with measurable outcomes and healthy programs which are relevant, agile, disease-focused and customized as per the need of employee.