EDP – Multinational Employer – Awards Winner 2022

  • EDP

Awards Winner, 2022

EDP, Portugal

In 2021 EDP defined a global well-being strategy with the sponsorship of the CEO, with a clear vision to promote a healthy, energized and prosperous work environment, fostered by a human-centered experience that enables everyone to perform at their best. Through this strategy, five strategic goals have been set:

1) To promote an overall well-being experience through a holistic approach, clear responsibilities and a well-being ecosystem

2) Lead by example, generating business results through empathetic, authentic and conscious leadership of the well-being of its people

3) Focus on and promotion of physical and mental well-being as the key to a healthy and productive workplace (post pandemic)

4) Ensure a useful, balanced and easily accessible well-being service, tailored to the needs of our people in the 5 pillars of wellbeing

5) Communicate a vivid and engaging story, aligned with the business, brand and people narrative.

Considering all personal and professional challenges, this strategy is based on a holistic approach and grounded in 5 key dimensions of well-being:

  • Physical where topics such as nutrition and physical exercise are included;
  • Social where the volunteer program stands out;
  • Professional working on topics such as recognition and feedback;
  • Financial regarding financial literacy and financial support;
  • Emotional psychological support and awareness campaigns to break the stigma associated with mental health.