Empowering a Better Tomorrow: Global Awards Recognize Excellence in Workplace Health and Safety


Applications Open: 9th April 2024

In an era where the well-being of the workforce takes centre stage, the GCHW proudly announces for the 12th year running, the Spring launch of the Global Healthy Workplace Awards. As applications open on April 9th, this initiative aligns with the global commitment to prioritising the health and safety of employees in workplaces worldwide.

Each year our Awards spotlight organizations that exhibit exceptional dedication to fostering safe and healthy work environments. The awards application deadline is set for June 7th, offering companies a comprehensive platform to showcase their innovative and impactful health and safety programmes.

Two finalists from each category – multinational corporations, large enterprises, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – will be invited to present their exemplary workplace health and safety programmes at our prestigious summit scheduled for early November. This summit serves as a nexus for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and charting the course for the future of workplace health and safety.

As we navigate the challenges of the contemporary workplace, the significance of prioritising health and safety in 2024 cannot be overstated. Organizations that prioritise the well-being of their workforce contribute not only to the resilience of their teams but also to the overall sustainability and success of their enterprises.

The GCHW invites organizations of all sizes and industries to participate in this global initiative. By sharing success stories and innovative approaches, we collectively contribute to the overarching goal of fostering a culture of safety and well-being in workplaces worldwide.

Applications Open: 9th April 2024 (application form becomes available followed by live webinar)

Applications Closed: 7th June 2024

Learn more here: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/awards/application/ 

View previous winners and finalists here: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/profiles/ 

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