Enhancing the Global Agenda for Workplace Health in 2022

Looking ahead to 2022

This has been another year to remember like none other. COVID has stubbornly stayed with us and continued to disrupt work patterns throughout the year. Workplace health initiatives without a doubt has played a significant role in building new consensus on what employers need to do to wrestle effectively with the pandemic crises whilst keeping the wheels of sustainable activity flowing. No single country has all the answers; a multi-sector, global response is still needed, if we are to progress and overcome the greatest challenge this generation has ever faced.

We once again concluded another difficult year with a successful virtual Summit and an invigorating roundtable of the Global Alliance. The highlight of the summit was the Global Awards Finalist presentations where participants observed how the best employers utilise exceptional workplace health programmes as a contributor to achieving wider business objectives.

We continue to champion putting wellbeing at the heart of economic and societal recovery. We are doing this by raising awareness of the WHO framework for Healthy Workplaces and model for action, sharing best practice between organisations and undertaking new research initiatives.

We hope you will continue to share with us your ideas, insights and experience in 2022.

Thank you for your support.

GCHW team

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