5 tips for a successful application from the Awards judges

2021 Awards Judges

1. Describe programs in all 4 key areas outlined in the application form.

2. Prove your program is a business strategy.

3. Document that you are following the continuous improvement cycle.

4. Show program results or outcomes.

5. Do not repeat information – stick to the questions and provide supporting documentation where prompted.

The Covid pandemic has more than ever generated the need for employers to demonstrate their commitment to health and wellbeing. The Awards represent an excellent opportunity to do so to a worldwide audience.

Application Deadline: 14th June 2021
(Finalists announcement in late July/early August 2021).

Show you care, apply here >>

You can also apply here to have your company certified to a global standard – all certified organisations are automatically shortlisted for the Global Awards.

Joseph A. Leutzinger, Alberto Ogata, Evelyn Kortum, Edith Clarke, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander.

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