Webinar Summary: Advancing Mental Wellbeing During & Post COVID-19 with a Holistic Strategy

June 23 webinar summary

A number of surveys in different countries have documented the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on mental health including the increase of anxiety and depression. Employers worldwide are scrambling to address the mental health challenge with increased communications and online resources. The webinar featured three leading companies from different sectors and countries who have been at the forefront of implementing comprehensive mental wellbeing programs:

Hospital Albert Einstein
The hospital in São Paulo, Brazil found approximately 36% of their employees had a mental health complaint related to the Coronavirus pandemic and implemented a prevention and treatment program addressing the various stages of mental health. This includes digital videos and podcasts, talk wheels, hotline, brief psychotherapy sessions and trainings, all of which have seen high participation.

View Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil presentation

Novo Nordisk
The Danish pharmaceutical company believes it is the responsibility of an employer to manage stress and psychosocial risks at the workplace and a well-designed psychosocial work environment is requisite for employee performance. In the current crisis Novo Nordisk made it a priority to provide guidance and tools for managers who lead employees working remotely. Three leadership priorities were identified: mapping and addressing mental health issues, aligning expectations and promoting engagement and wellbeing in the team.

View Novo Nordisk, Denmark presentation

Insights from IBM’s digital resilience program indicated heightened mental and emotional risks during COVID-19. Numerous channels and blogs were launched to address the stigma and openly discuss mental health issues, e.g. dealing with uncertainty, taking care of mental health during the crisis, financial health, sleep issues, contending with isolation, confinement, conflict at home and parenting. A positive outcome was that 88% reported they know how to access IBM resources to support their emotional and mental well-being.

View IBM, USA presentation

We would like to thank our distinguished speakers:

  • Luiz Gustavo Vala Zoldan, Psychiatrist, Hospital Albert Einstein
  • Nadia El-Salanti, Organizational Psychologist, Principal Scientist, Novo Nordisk
  • Jonathan Gelfand, Global Well-being and Health Promotion Manager, IBM

The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces will continue to gather and highlight effective approaches to advancing mental wellbeing. For more mental wellbeing and COVID-19 resources visit our Coronavirus COVID-19 Resource Hub.


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