Global Prairie SME Employer Workplace Health Awards Winner Interview

Global Prairie SME Winner 2019

2019 Global Healthy Workplace SME Employer Awards Winner Interview

Global Prairie is a global marketing firm based in Kansas City, USA, a certified Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) dedicated to cultivating a healthier world. The firm’s senior leaders promote and participate in the programs and actively contribute ideas to the heath & wellness committee. The company offers an unlimited PTO (paid time off) policy, a Sabbatical Leave policy allowing up to 8-weeks of paid time off, and team members are given 117 hours annually to volunteer with civic and non-profit organizations they are passionate about. Two full-time employees (FTEs) lead the health & wellness efforts on a day-to-day basis. Activities offered to the 75 employees include a digital health and wellness platform, a wellness reimbursement benefit (every full-time employee is given $500 annually for wellness-related expenses), biometric screening and coaching.

What does it mean to you to be a Global Healthy Workplace Awards winner?
Global Prairie: We are so grateful and proud to be named a Global Healthy Workplace Awards winner! Receiving this honor is external validation that Global Prairie is providing a world-class program to our team. From the World Health Organization, to the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, to the local Chambers of Commerce – organizations and leaders around the globe and in our communities are beginning to take note of our unique company culture.

What do you think are the particular strengths of your program?
Global Prairie: In our opinion, our Enterprise Community Involvement sets us apart from other wellness programs. The 117 hours (3 weeks) of paid time that we give each full-time team member, each year, to be out in the community giving back to organizations and causes that they are personally passionate about really sets us apart from other programs.  In addition, this time is meant to help remind our team to be grateful, purposeful, and change agents in their community.

Additionally, our benefits are top tier, when comparing against other employers.  We offer a generous Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), infertility and adoption assistance of up to $15,000, $500 annually in wellness-related reimbursements, an Infant-at Work Policy, and a Sabbatical Policy, allowing up to 8-weeks of paid time off after 10-years of service.

Global Prairie is also a certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp), a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), and we are 100% employee-owned. These three unique designations are something that our team members take great pride in and deeply value.  Our 2019 Team Engagement Survey showed that 98% of our team agrees that “they are proud of Global Prairie’s B Corp status and purpose orientations.”

Where do you see the main challenges of creating a healthy workplace in the future?
Global Prairie: Our greatest challenge comes with trying to maintain a uniform program across the globe in each of our offices.  It is challenging to offer a holistic, comprehensive program to offices that are different sizes, in different countries, on different payroll systems, and on different time zones. This challenge keeps us thinking outside the box and while difficult at times, our program is better for it.

What advice would you give to a small or medium-sized employer thinking of developing a new program?
Global Prairie: Start small, and grow. Listen to your employee population.  Think creatively and holistically. Recognize that nobody has the same definition of the words “wellbeing” and “health.”  Embed your company values into your program, focus on individual strengths and achievements, and above all, use your platform as a force for good in the world.

What did you think of the Global Healthy Workplace Summit in Melbourne?
Global Prairie: We loved the Summit! We were so inspired by each of the companies that presented. We brought back many ideas, but also feelings of pride, rejuvenation, and encouragement. We are forever grateful for the opportunity it gave us to meet and engage with business leaders from all over the world – who are each striving to make positive changes to their workplace health, wellbeing, and culture.

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