7th Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit Summary Report

7th Summit Summary Report

The 7th Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit summary report is now available to view and download.

The 7th Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit was hosted in partnership with Monash University, and brought together leaders for the advancement of healthy workplaces and employee wellbeing. The summit offered a unique opportunity for experts and leaders to raise health and wellbeing to a new level.

In Melbourne, delegates at first hand the very best programmes available. The Awards Finalists covered large employers and small and medium-sized enterprises – each with its own unique characteristics, strengths and challenges. Participants were able to take this unique opportunity to learn from these programmes and also to share their own experiences on how best to achieve a healthier workplace.

This Summit could not have come about had it not been for the valuable efforts of our wonderful partners and we are particularly grateful for the support and friendship of Monash University. We look forward to working ever more closely with them and all our partners in the period ahead.

View and download summit report: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Melbourne-Summit-Summary-Report-2019.pdf

View Summit page: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/event/7th-global-healthy-workplace-summit-melbourne-2019/

View presentations: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/case-studies/

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