Eat This. Not That. Controlling inflammation through diet

Anti Inflammatory Diet

Turns out there is more than a little truth in the proverbial saying that “You are what you eat.”

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, their modern diet is harming their health and, in some cases, slowly killing them. Research shows a strong link between chronic inflammation and chronic diseases such as:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • digestive disorders
  • certain cancers

What are these unhealthy foods and dietary patterns that patients need to be aware of when grocery shopping or eating out? It’s not just the usual culprits like over-processed snacks and fast food that are inflammation-triggers, but staples in the kitchen.

To help promote healthier eating, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine (AWCIM) offers the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, an online course that will introduce you to a nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory diet based on dietary patterns found in traditional Mediterranean and Asian eating habits. It will also instruct you in how to successfully counsel patients about dietary strategies to help them reduce systemic inflammation and combat chronic disease, so they live longer, healthier, and more energetic lives.

What the course covers

  • The role of inflammation in overall health and specific medical conditions.
  • The relationship between dietary intake and systemic inflammation.
  • Specific dietary components that can increase inflammation in the body.
  • The evidence for eating patterns that are associated with lower levels of systemic inflammation.

Get a deeper understanding of the problem by signing up for Anti-Inflammatory Diet and discover the dietary solutions available to help treat those suffering from chronic systemic inflammation.

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