Awards Winner Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz Discusses Workplace Health

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

2018 Global Healthy Workplaces Large Employer Awards Winner

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) is a philanthropic not-for-profit private hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. HAOC’s commitment to a healthy workplace is long-standing and is reflected in its value proposition, which underlines it commitment to contributing to business sustainability by providing the best health experience possible. The HAOC Progama Bem-Estar (PBE) touches the key dimensions of a healthy workplace, is driven by 18 health professionals as well as strategic partners and includes an integrated digital platform. Reductions in health risks, health care costs and absenteeism have produced a cost-effective program and a positive return-on-investment (ROI).

The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces spoke with Leonardo Piovesan Mendonça, Coordinator of Occupational Health and Quality of Life at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) about the hospital’s quality of life healthy workplace programme success and future challenges.

GCHW: What are the key elements, which make your healthy workplace program successful?
Leonardo Piovesan Mendonça: The program foundation based on the assistance model of the Alemão Oswaldo Cruz hospital, the model of the “5 Keys” for healthy workplaces (WHO), and also the strategic partnership, since 2010, with the Health Improvement Program (HIP) from the Stanford University and the integrated management of health care, occupational, safety and quality of life programs was also essential for the success of the program.

GCHW: Where do you see the main challenges of creating a healthy workplace in the future?
Leonardo Piovesan Mendonça: The challenges are numerous. Organizational leadership needs to be aware of this importance. Paradigm shifts are fundamental and investing in health promotion rather than managing the disease will contribute to a more sustainable model of management and the business itself. The search for the quality of life and wellbeing must leave the walls of the company and contribute to the development of society and the employees families.

GCHW: What are your take aways from the Global Healthy Workplace Summit in Bergamo?
Leonardo Piovesan Mendonça: The certification and international awards were for us very proud, because we were able to guarantee that we are on the right track contributing to the change of lifestyle, quality and health in the lives of our employees. The event was brilliant, with presentations of winning cases, and the lectures with people of recognition in the key themes. The presentations showed the importance of technology, as allied in the actions of population health management and in the programs of promotion, prevention and well-being.

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