Global Healthy Workplace Certification Supports Cesvi NGO Myanmar Project

NGO Myanmar Project Cesvi GCHW


The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces (GCHW) will give 50% of certification fees to NGO Myanmar project CESVI from Italian companies upon being successfully recognised as a certified employer.

The goal of Cesvi’s intervention in Myanmar in the health sector is to reduce mortality, suffering and problems related to the health of the communities, guaranteeing everyone the widest possible access to basic services. Cesvi (cooperazione e sviluppo/cooperation and development) is one of the biggest humanitarian organizations in Italy. Founded in 1985 and has about 30 offices all over the world.

The Certification Program is designed for organisations implementing programs that excel in the creation of healthy workplaces. Both the award and certification allow employers to compare and benchmark their programs to the global standard and, if successful, to celebrate their achievement and to distinguish themselves as an employer-of-choice when seeking to attract new talent or retain existing employees. With an emphasis on both universal relevance and adaptability to local conditions, the Program demonstrates an employer‘s focus on promoting a safe and healthy work environment and the health of its employees.

The Global Healthy Workplace Certification is granted to organisations whose programmes excel in the provision of workplace health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the GCHW Certification Program, to apply and make payment visit:

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