World’s Top Healthy Workplaces Announced

Global Healthy Workplace Awards Summit, American University, Washington DC, 7th June

This year’s top employers for having a healthy workplace programme were announced at the 4th Global Healthy Workplace Summit which took place at American University, Washington DC on 7th June.

The winners were:

Vitality Group, USA – small and medium-sized enterprises
Monash University, Australia – large enterprises
Unilever, UK/Netherlands – multinational enterprises

The runners up were:

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, USA – small and medium-sized enterprises
Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil – large enterprises
Johnson & Johnson, Brazil – large enterprises
United Technologies Aerospace Systems, USA – multinational enterprises

The winning programs underline how comprehensive and integrated approaches to workplace health (including occupational health, psychosocial risk management, wellness and the role of enterprises in communities) can lead to desired business outcomes, such as enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale and motivation.

The gathering of business leaders and investors is a further illustration of the growing importance being given to the affect health and wellness has on business productivity. The Summit heard the latest trends in workplace health and wellbeing with stress being a major concern.

Wolf Kirsten, Co-Director of Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces said; “Stress and mental wellbeing is at the top of employer’s agenda on a global scale. It has a direct impact on the output and performance of business organisations. On a positive side, there is growing evidence that Chief Executives are taking it seriously and our Awards programme is designed to enable employers to share better practice in tackling such issues.”

American University’s health studies professor, Robert Karch said “The way people work is undergoing a rapid change. From technology to the design of the place of work is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. This Summit comes at a critical time in assessing these developments and what it means for health and wellbeing. It is a great honor to host this Summit and see from the very best programs the world has to offer.”

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