2016 Global Healthy Workplace Awards Finalists Announced

Good Health is Good Business

We are delighted to announce the Finalists for the 2016 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards. As you will see below, this year we have three finalists for the large enterprises category as the points were tied by two of the candidates and the judges found it impossible to select one over the other. Congratulations to all Finalists selected to join us in Washington, DC, 7th June 2016.

SME Category Finalists 

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, USA
The NPAIHB’s governing body is comprised of Delegates of 43 federally recognized American Indian Tribes in three northwestern United States. Our mission “is to eliminate health disparities and improve the quality of life of American Indians and Alaska Natives by supporting Northwest Tribes in their delivery of culturally appropriate, high quality healthcare.” In line with its mission, the NPAIHB extends it concern to the health and quality of life of its employees.

Vitality Group, USA
In the United States, The Vitality Group (Vitality) offers an incentive-based health and well-being program as part of their benefits program. With a foundation based on actuarial science and behavioral economic theory, Vitality encourages changes in lifestyle that reduce healthcare costs by rewarding employees for addressing their specific health issues.

Large enterprises Category Finalists 

Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) is a philanthropic not-for-profit private hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It currently employs 2426 staff, with 3281 family members and 3300 contract healthcare providers. HAOC’s commitment to a healthy workplace is long-standing and is reflected in its Values Statement, which includes valuing workers, which aims to “promote self-esteem and quality of life through professional, social and economic development, teamwork, and a good working environment.”

Johnson & Johnson, Brazil
It’s usual that companies have statements of social responsibility but at Johnson & Johnson Our Credo, its more than a frame on the wall, it’s our guide to all decision making and we really live it.Our Credo challenges us to consider the needs and well-being of the people we serve first. Our Credo is more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for business success.

Monash University, Australia
Monash University is uniquely positioned to be pro-active on important public health issues through engagement with thousands of students, staff, alumni and the wider Monash community. Monash University values, supports and promotes programs and policies that improve the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of its employees and allocates funds to support participation.

Multinational enterprises Category Finalists 

Unilever, UK/Netherlands/India 
Unilever has a long and established history of supporting employee health and wellbeing and our commitment is documented on our company corporate website as part of our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP). The USLP helps us to drive a brand and business led initiative to improve the health and well-being of our employees. Indeed, we prioritize our employees’ wellbeing, just as our founder Lord Lever did over a century ago.

United Technologies Aerospace Systems, USA
UTC Aerospace Systems’ (UTAS) vision is to be the safest, healthiest aerospace company with the smallest environmental footprint on the planet. Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) is imbedded in our Mission and Operating Principles. At our foundation are the Absolutes: Ethics, EH&S and Export Compliance. We want our employees to go home safe and healthy at day’s end and we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint.

The American University in Washington, DC, with the support of its Department of Health Studies will host the 4th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit 2016 (#GHWAwards), as the search continues for the programs making the biggest impact on the health and well-being of the world’s workforce. Previous summits were held in London 2013, Shanghai 2014 and Florianopolis 2015. The 4th Global Summit brings together leaders in workplace health and well-being from around the world to discuss and share the lastest developments and innovations in workplace health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the Summit (including agenda) and to register visit: https://www.globalhealthyworkplace.org/event/4th-global-healthy-workplace-summit-washington-dc-usa-2016/

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