Finalists Named in Global Healthy Workplace Awards

The finalists will be showcased in Shanghai at the 2nd Global Summit April 9-10, 2014
Bloomfield, Shanghai, London, 19th March 2014

Six employers named as Global Healthy Workplace Award finalists will present their programs on a world stage at the second Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit (GHWAwards) taking place April 9-10 at the Andaz Hotel, Shanghai, China. GE, while not a global finalist, will be recognized among China applicants for its outstanding wellness program.

Employers from 33 countries vied for the distinction of being considered among the world’s healthiest workplaces. GHWAwards submissions were reviewed by an international panel of health and wellness experts from five continents who judged the programs. Judges remarked that this year’s award applicants distinguished themselves in leadership and innovation.

A highlight of the Summit will be the presentations by the six finalists, whose programs represent the best of the international business community’s ability to successfully promote good health among their employees and the communities they serve. The Summit will attract 150 leaders from business, public health, academia, government and non-government organizations (NGOs), united in the belief that employers can serve as the entry point to better health for the worldwide workforce.

The three winning employers will be announced at the close of the Summit. A draft agenda can be found at

Here are the finalists:

Multi-national Employers

IBM has a long-standing tradition in creating healthy workplaces throughout the world and continues to drive an integrated approach to workplace health. IBM has established 10 global priorities for health promotion, which are applied to its many employees globally. For example, IBM uses social analytics technology to capture “Mini Pulse” feedback from employees as they interact with health programs.

Unilever (Netherlands/United Kingdom)
Unilever calculated a return on investment with its Lamplighter program in mature countries of 3.14 Euros for every Euro spent. Of note is Unilever’s Global Mental Health Standard, which evaluates sources of employee pressure, enhances personal resilience and provides counseling and employee referrals where needed.

Large Employers

Telefônica do Brasil (Brazil)
Telefônica was a semi-finalist last year and reapplied with a stronger program. Telefônica has developed its own self-managed health insurance plan, with broad coverage all over Brazil. One of the outcomes of the comprehensive “BEM PERTO” program is that health insurance fees are only 7.8 percent of monthly payroll, whereas the average among other Brazilian enterprises is 15 percent of payroll.

Vanderbilt University (USA)
Vanderbilt’s program was the first of its kind at U.S. academic medical centers, and elements of the program have been expanded into other institutions across the United States. Ongoing tracking and improvement systems are used, including a dashboard using the Health Enhancement Research Organization’s modifiable lifestyle risks and the Centers for Disease Control’s Healthy People 2020 targets and milestones.

Small and Mid-Sized Employers

Spokane Regional Health District (USA)
Spokane is a local public health agency with 250 employees who serve a population of more than 400,000 in Spokane County, Washington. The Living Well Program has a 15-year history and enjoys strong leadership support and active involvement. Spokane has developed policies, system and environmental changes that have greatly enhanced the way employees embrace safe and healthy choices.

Technica International (Lebanon)
Technica International, a repeat finalist and a family business of 140 employees, incorporated all of its health, safety and environment initiatives under its Employee Satisfaction Program. Technica continues to excel in its efforts to share its experience and expertise with other companies as well as the community-at-large in Lebanon.

Cigna and the Cigna Foundation are sponsors of the GHWAwards, hosted by International Health Consulting and the i-genius world community of social entrepreneurs. The GHWAwards and Cigna also are the exclusive sponsors of the 2014 Buck Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies, which will be unveiled at the Shanghai Summit.

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