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SP Group, Singapore – Certified Employer 2022 – 2024

SP Group’s Workplace Health Programme gained its first accolade by winning the highest level of Platinum Award in the Singapore Health Award 2014. SP Group is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and this commitment is reflected in the Safety & Health policy statement, which is endorsed by the Group CEO and Board Chairman. The workforce, at various levels, has a significant involvement in designing and implementing the various health and well-being programs through the Workplace Health Program committee and ReCharge committee. Both committees are represented by members from both management and non-management employees from various departments in SP Group.

The union, which is formed by employee representatives, is regularly engaged to strengthen partnership and drive for workers’ involvement. The Workplace Health Program is fully integrated into SP Group’s Safety & Health strategy and the Management Safety Committee provides guidance on the development and implementation of Workplace Health Programme.

SP Group enhanced its Workplace Health program in 2020 after benchmarking and aligning with ISO 45001 and WHO model. A new framework was developed to guide the implementation of the Workplace Health Program, including the creation of a Workplace Health mascot, Will the blue green Macaw, and a tag line “Live Well”. SP Group’s office is designed for recreation and active lifestyle where workstations are ergonomically designed in an open concept. In-house sports and recreation facilities are provided to encourage active lifestyle and the company is actively involved in CSR activities through the Heart worker committee.