National University of Singapore – Large Employer – Awards Winner 2022

  • NUS

Awards Winner, 2022

National University of Singapore, Singapore

NUS believes that the responsibility to care for the health and wellbeing of our staff is not simply a HR function but one of the entire organisation. Therefore, a key strategic move was made by leadership to create dedicated wellbeing units to synchronise university wide health promotion approaches and create accountability for different NUS stakeholders (i.e. HR, Risk and Safety, Health and Wellbeing units, Senior Leadership etc.). Two key units are tasked with this responsibility:

1) University Health Centre to look after general employee health

2) Health and Wellbeing Unit to look after employee mental health & wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing team developed the WellNUS© Mental Health framework, a holistic mental health and wellbeing framework that systematically maps out the different parts of a person’s wellbeing journey and identifies the relevant initiatives and key stakeholders to provide support. The framework covers both preventive upstream services and downstream operational services, thereby supporting employees every step of the way; from well states, to states that may benefit from intervention and support and to recovery and back-to-work transition stages. The comprehensive range of programmes and services offered under these wellbeing frameworks are frequently communicated to existing and prospective employees as a strategy to attract, engage and retain them.