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Awards Finalist, Melbourne 2019

Marisol SA, Brazil

Marisol SA is one of the leading companies in the Brazilian clothing industry with 2400 employees. In 2017 the company launched the “Programa Quero + Saúde Marisol” (Want More Health Program), which gathered existing programs into a cohesive strategy as well as launched new initiatives identified by an employee health and welfare survey. The strategy, developed in partnership with the Industrial Social Service (SESI), is aligned with Marisol’s purpose of “Creating a better future” and actively supported by the company president who suggested that all employees of the company received a bicycle as a Christmas gift as part of Marisol’s 50-year celebrations. The program is monitored mainly by 18 key performance indicators (KPIs) such as employee turnover and satisfaction, a health scorecard and Workplace Index (psychosocial indicator).