Lincoln Industries, USA

Awards Winner (SME Category) and Certified Employer 2017

Lincoln Industries, USA

The 470 employees at Lincoln Industries embrace the company culture, which fully integrates wellness in every aspect. This is underlined and put into action by an all company health metric and wellness performance objectives. An onsite health clinic and fitness center as well as a total workers health approach play a key role in significant population health improvements, e.g. 60% of employees have 0 or 1 risk factor and annual health care costs are 35-40% below the regional average.

Greg Howe, Health, Safety and Performance Manager, Lincoln Industries

“The work you are doing at the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces has really helped shape our long term strategy of health and wellness. The people of Lincoln Industries were excited to learn of our Award! It was a pleasure to be awarded the winner of this year’s Award. “ – Singapore 2017