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Awards Finalist, 2020

Cognosante, USA

Cognosante is a technology company that helps state and Federal government modernize and optimize their systems to provide more and better services to citizens. Headquartered outside of the nation’s capital in Virginia (United States); the company employs approximately 1,800 people who are passionate about better health and safety for all Americans, especially those who need it most.

Cognosante’s senior leadership is committed to promoting a culture of health and well-being for all employees; with the Chief People Officer acting as wellness program champion. The company’s Wellness strategy includes initiatives such as the Employee Engagement Committee – focused on employee satisfaction through engagement initiatives and corporate social responsibility, and a battery of other corporate-sponsored wellness resources ranging from traditional medical benefits to innovative telemedicine programs and mobile apps aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

Creating and nurturing an employee community that is more like family is a key tenet of Cognosante’s corporate values. With this in mind, providing resources that support employees is something we’re proud of. Examples of these resources include the LiveSafe risk intelligence and safety communications app; which was re-launched as a communications hub to all staff during the pandemic. Resources already in place include our “Rally” (wellness), “Real Appeal” (weight loss), “Motion” (walking), and EAP programs. These programs target physical, social, emotional, financial, and community wellbeing goals, and include financial incentives for participation.