Abbott Brazil – Large Employer – Awards Finalist 2023

Awards Finalist, 2023

Abbott, Brazil

Abbott have implemented an integrated strategy of occupational health, primary health care, and wellness programs in 2020. The primary objectives are: Implementation of a primary care clinic integrated with the medical surveillance to improve employees’ access to medical care, medical surveillances and chronic condition management and serve as a gateway to current and new health and wellness programs and develop self-care. Increase workers experience in healthcare in the workplace. Improve employee’s quality of life and optimize costs. Innovate approach using new technologies such as point of care, devices, and telemedicine to support the primary care protocol. This helps to expand the access and accessibility of the employees working all over Brazil to the medical services. The approach is continuous and begins collecting all “the health numbers” of the employee, medical questionnaire and the process remains throughout a coordinated care integrated with the medical surveillance and later.

Its Brazilian program named “Vida Plena”(fully life) connect to the same message of our business (Life. To the fullest) and the strategies of health and wellness bringing the look inside the company. They bring to its employees the same culture of care that they are known to its stakeholders.   Integration of all actions aimed at the health and well-being of our employees. The executive check-ups start following evidenced-based protocols and medical consultation is with primary care professionals. Abbott have a high number of executives’ adherence from board executive members to the continuous care of the clinic. The project brought value to the traditional “Fit to work” exam in occupational health, helping employees to adopt healthier behaviors, to improve engagement for health and well-being in general through the development of self-care.