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Archived Articles from The Business Side Column in Health & Fitness Journal®

Professionalism in a World of Sneakers, Sports Bras, and Sweat (September 2016)

Creating Programs for Maximum Impact (May 2016)

Fitness Careers: Where Do I Go From Here (January 2016)

Everything We Need to Know We Can Learn from People and Numbers (September 2015)

Selling Doesn’t Have to Be “Salesy”: Sales Tactics for the Fitness Professional (May 2015)

Practical Tips for Improving Client Engagement (January 2015)

Going Beyond Likes and Followers: How Fitness Clubs Can Leverage Social Media (September 2014)

Focusing on Strength Improves More Than Your Chin-up Count (May 2014)

Know Your Members to Successfully Market Your Club (September 2013)

Building the Trainer-Club Connection to Boost Service (May 2013)

Maximizing Behavior Change by Matching Your Message to Clients’ Readiness to Exercise (January 2013)

Emotionally Move Them into Wellness (September 2012)

Social Ecosystem and Career Advancement (May 2012)   

Planning to Go Green? Consider the Alternatives (January 2012)

The Future Evolution of Employee Wellness (September 2011)

The Constant Evolution of Corporate Fitness (May 2011)

Five Best Practices for Employee Wellness Programs (January 2011)

Understanding the Foundation of Marketing – the Three Cs and the Four Ps

Don’t Fall for the Bait… (May 2010)  

When No News is Good News (January 2010)

New Technology is Changing How We Communicate.  How Well are You Adapting to the Change? (September 2009)

The Time to Prepare for the Future is Now (May 2009)

Business Model Innovation, Perhaps the Most Important Type of Innovation (January 2009)

Cars Receive Service, People Have Experiences (September 2008)

Lasting Success Through Planning (May 2008)

The Business Side of Wellness Coaching: Part 2: Creative Marketing (January 2008)

Coaching: Part 1: Is Wellness Coaching for You? (September 2007)

Motivating Members to Remain Physically Active- Part 2 of a Two-Part Series (May 2007)

Motivating Members to Become and Remain Physically Active- Part 1 of a Two-Part Series (January 2007)

When is selling not selling? When is it helping? (September 2006)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (May 2006)

Customer Service (January 2006)

A Business of One (September 2005)

Building a Values-Based Business (May 2005)

The Often Overlooked Personal Cost of Obesity (January 2005)

Positioning Yourself to Serve the Fitness Needs of Seniors (September 2004)

The Worksite Fitness and Health Promotion Business: How Does It Work? (May 2004)

The Business Side: Are You Cut Out to Be Self Employed? (January 2004)

Archived Articles from The Worksite Health Promotion Column in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal®

Health, Function, and Performance Benefits of Workplace Strength Training Programs (September 2016)

Wellness Champions Networks: A Best Practice Resource for Workplace Wellness Programs (May 2016)

Building Emotional Resilience at the Workplace (January 2016)

Obesity and Corporate America: Getting to Solutions (September 2015)

Lifeworks@TURCK: A Best Practice Case Study Showing How Design of a Workplace Well-being Program Drives Success (May 2015)

Sit, Stand, Learn: Using Workplace Wellness Sit-Stand Results to Improve Student Behavior and Learning (January 2015)

Bicycling to Work at Quality Bicycle Products: A Case Example for Active Transportation in Business and Industry (September 2014)

Primary Prevention and Health Promotion at the Workplace: Making Things Visible (May 2014)

Worker Health and Health Care Reform: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at Work (September 2013)

Optimizing Work with Play – A Gamification Primer (May 2013)   

Visualizing Health and Productivity (January 2013)

A Best Practice Resource for Worksite Health Practitioners: The IAWHP Online Certificate Course (September 2012)

An Optimal Lifestyle Metric: Four Simple Behaviors that Affect Health, Cost, and Productivity (May 2012)

Integrated Worker Health: The Fusion of Worker Health Protection and Promotion (January 2012)

A Global Approach (September 2011)

Protecting and Promoting Health at the Worksite through Company Policy (May 2011)

The Problem with Too Much Sitting:  A Workplace Conundrum (January 2011)

Six Trends Affecting the Business Case for Worksite Health Promotion (September 2010)

A Workplace Culture of Health (May 2010)

Social Determinants of Health: A Call to Action for the Employer Community (January 2010)

Applying the HIPPA Nondiscrimination Rules to Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs (September 2009)

ACSM’s Worksite Health Handbook, Second Edition- A Guide to Building Healthy and Productive Companies (May 2009)

O as in Obesity: Implications for the Worksite Setting (January 2009)

Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation: A Practitioner’s Communication Tool (September 2008)

The Role of Incentives and Communication on Health Assessment Participation (May 2008)

The Practical Use of Program Theory (January 2008)

Leadership for Worksite Health Promotion (September 2007)

Aligning Program Support With Interventions for Optimum Impact (May 2007)

Using the MyPyramid.gov Web site as a Worksite Health Promotion Tool (January 2007)

The Metabolic Syndrome-the “Syndrome X Factor”-at Work (September 2006)

Good Programs Don’t Just Happen-They’re Planned! (May 2006)

Preventing Chronic Disease at the Worksite (January 2006)

The Four Faces of Measurement (September 2005)

The Challenge of Work and Family Balance (May 2005)

Systematic Reviews on Obesity (January 2005)

Addressing Multiple Risk Factors at the Worksite: Birds of a Feather Flock Together (September 2004)

Disease Management and Worksite Health Promotion (May 2004)

Incentives-The Key to Stimulating Awareness, Interest, and Participation (January 2004)

Archived Articles from The Legal Side Column in Health & Fitness Journal®

Resistance Training and Litigation (September 2016)

Online Impersonal Training Risk Versus Benefit (January 2016)

On Expert Witnessing (September 2015)

A Hot Topic (January 2015)

A Muddied Industry: Essential Risk Management Strategies for Mud Run Participants, Race Organizers and Sponsors – Part II (September 2014)

A Muddied Industry: Growth, Injuries, and Legal Issues Associated with Mud Runs – Part I (May 2014)

Philosophy and Standards, Part I (September 2013)

Injury Litigations (May 2013)

Cardiac Arrest Litigations (January 2013)

Emergency Response Plan (September 2012)  

Code Blue- Member Down (May 2012)

Scope of Practice (January 2012)

Personal Training – Litigation Insulation (September 2011)

Fitness Facility Orientation (May 2011)

10 Years as Legal Columnist: A Review and Personal Perspective (January 2011)

An Analysis of 8 Negligence Lawsuits Against Personal Fitness Trainers: 3 Major Liability Exposures Revealed (September 2010)

New Standards Statements: Legal Considerations for the Fitness Industry (May 2010)

Treadmill Injuries: An Analysis of Case Law (January 2010)

Applying the HIPAA Nondiscrimination Rules to Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs (September 2009)

Staff Training: A Vital Component of Risk Management (May 2009)

Building a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan: Four Essential Strategic Steps (January 2009)

Introducing the Risk Management Pyramid (September 2008)

Is Licensure in Your Future?:  Issues to Consider, Part 3 (May 2008)

Is Licensure in Your Future?:  Issues to Consider, Part 2 (January 2008)

Is Licensure in Your Future?:  Issues to Consider, Part 1 (September 2007)

Risk Management Strategies for Avoiding and Responding to Sexual Assault Complaints (May 2007)

Using Case Law to Understand the Primary Assumption of Risk Defense (January 2007)

Pre-activity Screening: Steps to Minimize Legal Liability (September 2006)

Medical Emergency Procedures: Minimize Your Liability (May 2006)

Is Your Emergency Action Plan Complete? (January 2006)

Legal Liability Associated with Instruction (September 2005)

Internet Personal Training and/or Coaching: What are the Legal Issues, Part 3 (May 2005)

Is Obesity a Disability Under the ADA? (January 2005)

Internet Personal Training and/or Coaching: What are the Legal Issues, Part 2 (September 2004)

Internet Personal Training and/or Coaching: What are the Legal Issues, Part 1 (May 2004)

Health/Fitness Program and AEDs: An Overview of Current Legislation (January 2004)