Multinational Occupational Health Awards Winner Lendlease on Workplace Health Success


2018 Global Healthy Workplaces Multinational Awards Winner

The Australian-based construction and infrastructure company has demonstrated a long-time dedication to sustainability and actively promoting employee health and wellbeing. Lendlease’s Global Minimum Requirements (GMRs) provide a consistent global standard to create healthy and safe workplaces for all including the subcontractor workforce. The 2017 Global Work Health Insight study showed continued progress in various health and wellbeing areas such as mental wellbeing, healthy eating and physical activity. More than 1631 workers have participated in at least one mental health program, 66% of employees using their wellbeing leave and 74% of employees are highly engaged. This has led to a positive social return-on-investment (SROI).

Jane Gardner, Health and Wellbeing Program Manager, Group Sustainability at Lendlease spoke with the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces about Lendlease’s healthy workplace programme success.

GCHW: What are the key elements, which make your healthy workplace program successful?
Jane Gardner: At Lendlease we believe caring for our employees extends beyond keeping them physically safe to also looking after their mental and physical wellbeing. Lendlease’s Health and Wellbeing strategy and framework focuses on four key strategic pillars: supporting healthier minds, developing healthier bodies, building healthier places and creating healthier cultures.

Endorsement from leadership and our Board of Directors enables us to deliver an integrated health and wellbeing strategy and framework, and empowers our regional teams to drive health and wellbeing initiative.

GCHW: Where do you see the main challenges of creating a healthy workplace in the future?
Jane Gardner: There is a growing awareness around mental health and I believe companies need to support mental health in the workplace. However, mental health programs in isolation will not provide a mentally well workplace. The challenge for workplaces of the future need to encompass a holistic approach to create a mentally well workplace. This approach should focus on leadership, working hours, technology (including screen time and sedentary behaviours), the interaction with the physical workplace and the ageing workforce – all these challenges are something workplaces need to consider in their health and wellbeing strategy for the future

GCHW: What are your takeaways from the Global Healthy Workplace Summit in Bergamo? 
Jane Gardner: The Global Healthy Workplace summit showcased some of the world’s best Workplace Health and Wellbeing offerings and provided insights into engaging investors and the importance of providing healthy workplace indicators to showcase good business performance.

From Lendlease

At Lendlease we offer our employees wellbeing leave, which is an industry first, encouraging them to take a proactive and preventative approach to their health. In the last financial year, 68.4 per cent of eligible workers took wellbeing leave.

We also have a range of policies around flexible working arrangements and leave entitlements, programs on sleep, nutrition and fitness, and medical checks.

Mental health continues to be a growing focus for Lendlease. Our programs offer preventative support to employees experiencing a mental health condition, and guide our managers in supporting employees who may be experiencing mental health challenges.

We’re proud to say more than 1,150 Lendlease employees have been trained in mental health first aid since 2015, and thousands more in other mental health programs including mental health awareness, Mates in Construction and mindfulness courses.

Lendlease is committed to the safety of our people and those who engage with our assets and sites. Our Global Minimum Requirements ensure we operate consistently across all operations including on safety, health and wellbeing standards.

Every two years, Lendlease employees participate in a work health insights study that informs our health initiatives and programs. In 2017, we collected data from 158 work sites across eight countries where we operate.

We believe our integrated health and wellbeing programs yield strong results and return on investment. A social return on investment analysis found for every dollar invested we receive a return of $1.09.

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