6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards & Summit Agenda, Bergamo, Italy

GHWAwards Bergamo Summit Workplace Health

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Summit Agenda as of 6th July 2018 | For latest agenda click here!

Thursday AM – September 6, 2018 – Roundtable

9:00am – 13:00 Roundtable of the Global Alliance (invitation only)

Thursday PM – September 6, 2018 – Global Summit

13:00  Registration

14:00  Welcome
Chair: Wolf Kirsten, Co-Director, GCHW
Mara Azzi, General Drector of ATS Bergamo
Remo Morzenti Pellegrini, Rector of the University of Bergamo
Health Ministry of Lombardy Region
The Mayor of the City of Bergamo
Video from Bergamo Industrial Union
Prof. Giuseppe Masanotti, ENWHP & Italian WHP Network

14:45  Keynote Address
Chair: Prof. Caterina Rizzi, University of Bergamo
Preventing Non-Communicable Disease via the Workplace Setting
Dr. Faten Ben Abdelaziz, World Health Organization  

15:30  Break

16:00  Delivering Innovative SME Healthy Workplace Programmes
Chair: Giuseppe Masanotti, University of Perugia
Edith Clarke, FZ Safety & Health Centre, Ghana
BK Sim, Health Promotion Board Singapore
Karl Kuhn, European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
Marco Cremaschini & Marinella Valoti, Health Protection Agency Bergamo

17:30 Closing Remarks
Roberto Moretti, ATS Bergamo

Friday – September 7, 2018 – Global Summit

8.15 – 8:45  Briefing on Certification Programme (Optional)

9:00    Delivering Wellbeing through Artificial Intelligence
Chair: Tommy Hutchinson, Co-Director, GCHW
Mairi Johnson, Babylon Health, UK
Shawn Mobley, Optum IQ, USA tbc

10:10  Engaging Investors for Healthy Workplaces
Chair: Wolf Kirsten, GCHW
Bettina Reinboth, UNPRI
Patricio Marquez, World Bank
Fund Manager / Investor tbc

11:20  Break

11:45  Creating Healthy Workplaces: Success Factors and Innovative Elements
Chair: Prof. Bob Karch, American University, Washington, DC
Wolf Kirsten, GCHW
Stephen Bevan, Institute of Employment Studies

12.45 Recognition of Organisations Certified as “Healthy Workplace”

13:00 Lunch

14:00  Awards finalist presentations – small and medium-sized enterprises         

15:00  Awards finalist presentations – large enterprises

16:00  Break 

16:30 Awards finalist presentations – multinational enterprises 

17:30 Future Activities of GCHW
Tommy Hutchinson, Co-Director, Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces

Cultural entertainment 

17:50  Global Awards Ceremony 2018 Winners

Followed by Closing Reception Celebrating the 2018 Winners & Finalists

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Summit Agenda

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