Lendlease, Australia – Certified Employer

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Lendlease, Australia – Certified Employer 2020 – 2022

The Australian-based construction and infrastructure company has demonstrated a long-time dedication to sustainability and actively promoting employee health and wellbeing. Lendlease’s Global Minimum Requirements (GMRs) provide a consistent global standard to create healthy and safe workplaces for all including the subcontractor workforce. The 2017 Global Work Health Insight study showed continued progress in various health and wellbeing areas such as mental wellbeing, healthy eating and physical activity. More than 1631 workers have participated in at least one mental health program, 66% of employees using their wellbeing leave and 74% of employees are highly engaged. This has led to a positive social return-on-investment (SROI).

Lendlease continues to maintain its high standards in employee health and wellbeing having previously been Awards Winners in Bergamo 2018, and Awards Finalists in 2017 and Certified Employers from 2017-2019.