HERO Forum21


The HERO Forum21 theme explores how resilient organizations are reshaping their health and well-being initiatives to boost employee mental health, dismantle systemic racism, and cultivate community partnerships that will rebuild trust in institutions.

Forum21, will feature organizations with stories to share about how the pandemic has changed, and will continue to reshape, their workplace mental health services. Experts in resiliency, stress management, and positive psychology principles will describe best practices and future trends in how individuals and organizations effectively adapt after significant setbacks. And with a goal of containing future contagions, Forum21 will carry forward HERO’s efforts at reckoning with systemic racism, understanding mental health disparities, and sharing research and innovations that make our profession better and better at promoting health for all.

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The Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces is a partner of HERO and its HERO Forum21 event.

HERO Forum 2021